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K1RR Repeater Page
Callsign K1RR
Owner(s)Bob-KF7WOR (SK) and Glen-K1RR
Output Frequency 145.190 Mhz
Input Frequency 144.590 Mhz
Input CTCSS Tone Required None
Output CTCSS Tone None
Location Elk Butte, ID
Latitude N 46.8409
Longitude W -116.1178
Elevation 5816 Ft
RX Radio ICOM FR5000
TX Radio ICOM FR5000
TX Power 25 W
Repeater Controller ATSI RLC-1
RX/TX Antenna Comet GP-6 vertical colinear
Link Description RF Linked to the AK2O 223.9 mhz hub repeater on Stensgar Mt. using Alinco DR-235 transceiver and yagi antenna

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Proud Owner, Bob-KF7WOR from Elk River, Idaho

Glen-K1RR unloading the filter cavities

John W7OE, KBARA Technical Director

Glen-K1RR with the 145.19 repeater antenna (inside the white pipe behind him)

145.19 repeater, ICOM FR-5000

Custom made cable for ATSI RLC-1 Repeater Controller

Repeater shack

Alinco 220 mhz link radio